Insider Tips

Rum Punch

Don’t under estimate the power of a rum punch: Be warned. Your Crane welcome drink packs a punch. Maybe it’s a combination of the hot sun and the fact that it is so cold and refreshing, but you just might lose count of how many you have consumed.

Cuz Cutter

Have a “Cuz Cutter”: This savoury combination of a griddled fish fillet placed in a bun with cheese and egg should be on your must-try list. Don’t just take it from us, award-winning chef Marcus Samuelsson described it on his website as “so fresh. So delicious.”

Discover Barbados

Rent a car and get lost: There’s a local saying, “all roads lead to town”. However, what we advise is following those Out-of-City Bus Stops to experience the true Barbados. As Barbadians are very friendly people, you’ll be sure to meet a lot of interesting characters along the way.

Sunrises in Paradise

Take in a sunrise: Have a seat on the benches in The Crane’s Historic Wedding Garden and witness the most memorable sunrise of your life.


Don’t wear camouflage: In Barbados, it is illegal for anyone but members of the Barbados Defense Force to wear camouflage. You may not be arrested if you’re caught in an army fatigue bikini or shorts, but you may be asked to change.