Things to See

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Harrison’s Cave


At the heart of Barbados lies one of its greatest wonders, Harrison’s Cave. Located in the central uplands of the island, this breathtakingly beautiful, crystallized limestone cavern is a testament to nature’s mastery.

Opening Hours: 8:45AM – 3:45PM
Tour Duration: Approx. 45 minutes
*You must arrive at Harrison’s Cave 30 minutes prior to the Tram Tour

Mount Gay Visitors’ Centre


Explore three centuries of the history, heritage and technique behind the world’s oldest rum.

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday: 9:30AM – 3:00PM
Tour Duration: Approx. 60 minutes

St. Nicholas Abbey


Surrounded by 225 acres of sugar cane fields, St. Nicholas Abbey continues the long tradition of producing rum in Barbados with its recently installed distillery. It is one of only four in the island, and is producing a type of rum made primarily from sugar cane juice – a technique unique to the Abbey. Located in the old syrup factory, both the distillery and 1890 steam mill are open for viewing.

Opening Hours: Daily from 10:00AM
Tour Duration: Approx. 3 hours

Hunte’s Gardens


Hunte’s Gardens in St. Joseph were created by a legendary horticulturist with an unusual flair, Anthony Hunte.  These extraordinary gardens will please even the most keen gardeners and enthusiasts. Their placement is really most unusual – in the center of Barbados’ rain forest, in a gully. The garden offers a multidimensional experience, with vigorous plants densely growing on many levels.

Opening Hours: Daily from 9:00AM
Tour Duration: Approx. 3 hours