Covid-19 Protocols


Effective Sunday, October 24th, 2021 fully vaccinated travellers to Barbados with a valid negative pre-flight COVID-19 PCR test result will no longer be required to take a COVID-19 test or quarantine on arrival in the island.

Travellers meeting these requirements will therefore be allowed to leave the port of entry with no restrictions.

Barbados’ Chief Medical Officer reserves the right to request COVID-19 testing of any traveller and to quarantine them if required.


All guests are expected to adhere to the protocols of the Crane Confidence Programme including the wearing of face masks and colour-coded wristbands where applicable.


The Crane Confidence Programme is committed to providing a worry-free environment for our guests to safely visit and enjoy our resort, while providing a safe environment for our team members to work.  Throughout the property, the below Crane Confidence measures are noticeable:

Guest Wristbands: Only quarantine and isolation guests will be issued with wristbands upon arrival. Please note the current wristband colours and meanings below:

  • Red: Quarantine Guest, Restricted to Guest Room
  • Purple: Isolation Guest, Restricted to Guest Room

No guests are allowed in the rooms of guests in quarantine or isolation.

Please be sure to review our important travel information here. This would also assist in identifying the associated risk category of a specific country and the necessary requirements for entry into Barbados.

Temperature Checks: In keeping with the local health authority’s mandate, temperature checks of arriving guests and daily checks of all staff members are carried out with handheld portable temperature sensors.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): All team members are issued personal protective equipment, which include face coverings, disposable gloves, hand sanitizer and/or disinfectant wipes and approved multi-purpose surface cleaners for use at work. All team members have been trained on the appropriate use and disposal of this protective equipment. Guests will be required to wear masks/face coverings in all enclosed public spaces, except while dining. Within the resort, masks are now optional outdoors, while maintaining physical distancing.

Physical Distancing: Along with the sanitary measures in place across the property, the Crane Confidence Programme employs physical distancing protocols in high traffic public areas. Clear markings are used to indicate six-foot distances. Public seating areas have also been reconfigured to accommodate physical distancing.

The Crane is ideal for physical distancing, and you must continue to observe this as per Government directives.

Cleaning & Sanitizing Protocols: Throughout the property, enhanced cleaning and sanitizing processes are conducted with state-of-the-art equipment such as Victory electrostatic sprayers in addition to approved multi surface cleaners and disinfectants. Team members are trained on the proper use of these chemicals and equipment to ensure effective cleaning. These protocols include:

Guest Rooms: The use of stringent cleaning and disinfecting protocols to clean rooms post departure, pre-arrival, and during stays, with particular attention paid to high-touch items. Such items include electrical switches, door handles/ knobs, TV remotes, telephones, clocks, thermostats, telephones, major bathroom surfaces and amenities, Jacuzzis, irons, safes, kitchen appliances, food & beverage amenities, tables, desks, furniture, nightstands, beds and bedding.

Daily housekeeping service will be provided to suites occupied by wearers of green wristbands only. Note, suites occupied by wearers of other coloured wristbands will not receive housekeeping service however additional linen can be supplied on request by dialing Ext. “0” or “6545”.

Public Areas: A variety of wall-mounted, and free-standing sanitizer stations will be strategically located throughout the Resort, especially in high traffic areas. There is increased cleaning and sanitizing of high contact items within public areas, for example, credit card machines, lounge chairs and restaurant furnishings. Areas such as the fitness center, elevators, door handles and public bathrooms are cleaned and sanitized on a scheduled basis throughout the day.

Non-Guest Areas: Increased cleaning and sanitization of high touch team member areas such as entrances, bathrooms, administrative offices, staff cafeteria etc.

Resort Signage: Crane Confidence signs are displayed throughout the property, to sensitize guests and team members on the best practices as it relates to keeping the environment safe. Guests and team members are encouraged to read and adhere to these practices.

COVID-19/Crane Confidence Training: All team members have received specialized training on the new cleaning and safety protocols which build upon the already established high standards at The Crane. These training resources are easily accessible and available to team members on an ongoing basis.