Staying Connected

Local Calls:
9 + Telephone Number

9 + 1 + Area Code + Number

9 + 011 + Country Code + Number

Important In-House Service Extensions

Resort Operator 0
Emergency/Medical Service 0
Front Desk 6505
Housekeeping 711 / 0
Maintenance/I.T. 611 / 0
Restaurant/Room Service 6575
The General Store 6559
Serenity Spa 6521

Telephone Voice Mail/Messages

Your room is equipped with a voice mail system, which you may personalise during your stay. A flashing red light indicates that there is a voice mail message waiting for you.

To retrieve your messages:

  1. Dial the Meridian Mail Access Number 7000
  2. Enter your mailbox number (the same as your room number), followed by #.
  3. Enter your password (the same as your room number), followed by #.


Complimentary wireless internet access is available throughout the property, even on Crane Beach. Simply connect your device to “CraneBreeze” with password SeaBreeze.

Public Computers

Public computers are available for use by all guests in the area adjacent to the lobby.


The printing of airline boarding passes and other related travel documents may be facilitated by emailing